Wednesday, January 27, 2010


to all who are coming to mondays camera group meeting I will be showing a collection of window images and will be discussing the power of color with composition.

see you all on Monday.

until then keep on capturing images,

©michael s. miller

Friday, January 22, 2010

Copyright Information

Regarding those of you that are interested in copyright information for your artwork, you may want to check out

Some info from their mission page:
" New Jersey artists face more legal issues than ever before. The internet has breathed new life into copyright and trademark infringement claims. The proliferation of cable channels means more independent producers are looking for production contracts. Newark and Jersey City gentrification has reduced the amount of affordable housing available to the struggling artist.
In short, New Jersey artists and arts organizations have a growing need for accessible attorneys and legal education. Only by safeguarding their legal interests can artists hope to enrich New Jersey’s cultural and economic community.
That’s why New Jersey Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts was formed. We help artists and arts organizations through pro bono attorney referrals and legal education."

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Show Helpers

Thanks to all For making Images 2010 a wonderful Show and for all the help in setting it up
There is still Gallery sitting slots open so if any one can volunteer for those times we would appreciate it
Thanks again

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Camera Classes at the BAC

There are camera classes that are starting at the BAC. These classes are starting in January so check the weekly email newsletter for more details as to when they will be happening. These classes are being run by Mike and Beverly Miller who are in the Digital Camera group. The classes sound geared to be helpful to those of us who may still be getting our feet wet with photography as well as those that have already been taking photos for a bit. Mike will be giving a demo and discussion during our next meeting in February.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January Meeting 2010

The January meeting was a nice success with lots of interested people and ideas including some new members. Lets keep that momentum going. The Photo Show opening is this Saturday, January 9th from 5-8pm so come and enjoy the photos and meet the rest of the BAC.

Tom's presentation offered a peek into thinking "out-of-the-box", to push the envelope with creativity. This resulted in some beautiful photos and for more of his work see Flickr is a great site for reviewing photos to enjoy as well as learn from for composition, color, etc. As for other websites to view in an instructional way there are many on the Net. Some that I have seen include,,, and Please comment or email if you have any others of interest.

The next meeting in February will be geared towards the artistic aspect (use of subject matter, composition, lighting, etc.) that is needed for producing a creative photo, one that grabs the viewers eye and draws out an emotion. A good example for me is the black and white photo (in the current show) of the girl kicking in the water pool that shows the happiness of play. The technology we can learn as we go (with those with the knowledge sharing camera tips) but the design and creative side of photography is the core. So if any of you would like to bring in some samples of your work to discuss in this regard please do. Any ideas or thoughts to advance this theme are welcome.

Friday, January 1, 2010

December '09 And January '10 Meetings

The January 2010 meeting is coming up this Monday on January 4th at 730 PM. Please come on down and bring a friend or two.

As for the December meeting, here are some "highlights" and things to ponder....
  • If you happen upon a website or photography book that is a good learning tool and would be helpful to the group for us all to pick up some tips, add it to the blog or just let me know about it via email so I can notify everyone. Some sites to check out include and

  • We discussed potential ideas for photo shoots and topics for upcoming meetings. Topics included shooting in Black and White and shooting figures in motion. Some photo shoot ideas discussed at the December meeting included Liberty Park in NYC, the ferry to/from NYC and the many sights at Sandy Hook. If you have any thoughts on what topics you would like us to discuss at a meeting or places for photo shoots, let me know.
  • Regarding making prints for photos, there are some websites online like and that can be quite useful. Staples and Kinkos are also good stores to go to for photo prints. If you know of any additional sites or stores place a comment on the blog or email me so I can "spread the word".
  • The photo show was discussed and is being run by Keith and Ben. Submissions for the show are on January 3rd between the hours of 1-4 pm. All submitted works must be ready for hanging and be a minimum size of 16x20. An additional meeting for the photo show was set for December 17th at 730 pm. Note, contact Ben DeMarco ( or Keith Mills ( regarding lending a hand with the photo show.